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painters on demand offers superior paint services. if you're looking for quick 'as needed' labor, maintenance, or a contract-based service, painters on demand has you covered. if you want your space to always look amazing on an on-going basis then our paint-enance TM plans are where it's at.

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paint-enanceTM is the act of maintaining the paint quality of a given facility by providing an on-going solution for professional paint services. with a paintenance plan, we'll maintain your paint so that your space always looks like it did the day you moved into it—perfect.

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painters on demand offers services tailored to the way you work. whether you're looking for quick 'as needed' help, a maintenance plan, or a contract-based service, painters on demand has you covered.


  • exterior/interior painting

  • pressure washing

  • drywall repairs

  • standard texture repairs

  • custom texture repairs

  • wallcovering installation

  • wallcovering repairs

  • specialized caulking and sealants

  • exterior waterproofing services

  • epoxy coatings

  • graffiti removal


3 reasons to repaint your building’s exterior often

many commercial property owners wait far too long before repainting their building’s exterior. at this point, the paint has already begun to fade, which can make the building appear rundown. your company’s curb appeal is of the utmost importance when it comes to increasing revenue. you want to make sure to stay on top of your building’s renovations, which includes painting the outside.

1. update your branding

every business needs solid branding to stay in consumers’ minds. that involves knowing the primary demographic to target based on your products or services. for many businesses, that happens often inside the store or over social media, but the outside does not always reflect the inside. any time you get a new logo or update the interior, you should take the extra step and add fresh new paint to the exterior. customers like consistency.

2. customer reviews

it is easier than ever before for people to leave reviews of businesses. even if your services are great, people will still talk about how the outside was dingy or faded on Yelp. these kinds of reviews can scare away prospective customers. if your business has received these types of critiques, then do what you can to take control of the situation and not lose business. a fresh coat of paint is one of the least inexpensive ways to upgrade your space, but it makes an impact worth so much.

3. the competition will get out in front of you

you may think repainting your exterior walls is unnecessary. however, your competition will think differently. you can be confident your competitors are always looking for ways to stand out and draw in your customers. when considering similar businesses, people are more likely to go to a clean, fresh-looking building than one that looks like it has not been maintained.


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