painters on demand offers superior paint services. if you're looking for quick 'as needed' labor, maintenance, or a contract-based service, painters on demand has you covered. if you want your space to always look amazing on an on-going basis then our paint-enance TM plans are where it's at.

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paint-enanceTM is the act of maintaining the paint quality of a given facility by providing an on-going solution for professional paint services. with a paintenance plan, we'll maintain your paint so that your space always looks like it did the day you moved into it—perfect.

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painters on demand offers services tailored to the way you work. whether you're looking for quick 'as needed' help, a maintenance plan, or a contract-based service, painters on demand has you covered.


  • exterior/interior painting

  • pressure washing

  • drywall repairs

  • standard texture repairs

  • custom texture repairs

  • wallcovering installation

  • wallcovering repairs

  • specialized caulking and sealants

  • exterior waterproofing services

  • epoxy coatings

  • graffiti removal


5 smart ways to use a commercial painting service

if you are thinking about sprucing up your commercial building, you may consider having it painted. did you know that a commercial painting service does more than just paint walls and trim? professional painters have expertise to freshen up your property inside and out to make it as good as or even better than new. here are five ways that a commercial painting service helps property owners or managers.

1. start on the outside

exterior painting is the bread and butter of most commercial painters. not only does a painting crew update the outside of your property, but they also make any needed repairs, especially if your building has signs of wood rot or rust.

2. duck inside

interior painting is just as important to keep your building looking its best. a commercial painting service also assists with design updates by changing the wall colors or creating paint accents to showcase certain areas in your space.

3. look out below

flooring is an often-overlooked part of buildings. if yours has a cement floor rather than tile, carpeting, or wood, you can have it painted, stained, and sealed for an easy way to transform your space. commercial painters even tackle practical floor painting, such as striping for aisles or marking for safety warnings.

4. sounds like a lot

parking lots are another area that should be maintained regularly by a commercial painting service. striping for spaces, fire zones, and other designated spots may fade over time, but the lot itself may be in excellent condition. painters address your lot painting needs to keep the area moving efficiently and safely.

 5. touch up the machinery

 property owners may not realize it, but a commercial painting service also paints heavy machinery and equipment. your machinery will look as good as new with a fresh coat of paint that also offers protection from rust and other damage.


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