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Painter on Demand's 4th Annual Golf Tournament x Savvy Giving by Design

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Painters on Demand's Annual Golf Tournament benefiting Savvy Giving by Designis quickly approaching! On October 15, 2021, POD will be holding its 4th Annual Golf Tournament at the Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club benefiting Savvy Giving by Design (SGBD), a national non-profit that specializes in rebuilding interior spaces for children and families facing a medical crisis to strengthen and encourage recovery.

Tickets starting at $150; Only one sponsorship opportunity left for $2000. To participate or sponsor POD's 4th Annual Golf Tournament benefiting SGBD, visit

Donations are accepted through Paypal or Venmo - all proceeds go towards this year's room transformation recipient, Alex!

Continue reading to learn more about SGBD, our 2019 POD x SGBD room transformation, and this year's POD x SGBD recipient!


Who is Savvy Giving by Design?

Savvy Giving by Design™ is a non-profit, national network of professional interior designers whose mission is to provide comfort, support, and healing to families with a child facing a medical crisis by transforming the interior spaces of their homes at no cost to them.

"Helping children and their siblings feel at peace during dark times is at the heart of what we do. Each room is designed by a professional interior designer custom to the child's unique needs to optimize both physical and emotional comfort. Since many children we help have compromised immune systems, are adjusting to new wheelchairs, or have other specialized needs, we focus on design details that are not only beautiful but also work with these needs." (Savvy Giving by Design)

All proceeds from POD's 4th Annual Golf Tournament go directly to SGBD and, a room transformation for a child facing a medical crisis. Providing recovering children with a positive, stress-free home environment can make an incredible difference in their healing journey. According to long-established studies, access to a comforting space contributes up to 30% of the healing process." (Robert Ulrich, Journal Science, 1984)

"By supporting new room transformations, you're giving children a space to just "be" away from the demands of treatment and support them as they navigate their new lives both mentally and physically." (Savvy Giving by Design)


POD's 3rd Annual Golf Tournament x SGBD Room Transformation - Landon

Landen was only 7 years old when he was diagnosed with A.L.L. Leukemia, t-cell type. Painters on Demand was honored to have the opportunity to help create and fund a jungle-inspired healing space for Landen and his 3-year-old brother through our 2019 Annual Golf Tournament benefiting SGBD. This bedroom and playroom transformation provided the brothers with a fun space to relax and spend time together while also making Landen's healing process easier for him and his parents.


Meet Alex - This Year's POD x SGBD Recipient!

"Alex was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was just 16 months old. At the time his family lived and worked in Ocala, but for the next 3 and a half years endured a treatment schedule that involved traveling to Tampa for at least a month for Alex’s protocol. Chemo and a cocktail of drugs that were supposed to heal him, multiple lengthy hospital stays invasive tests, and many tears later they were hopeful for a future without cancer.

As Alex’s Mom says, he was robbed of ‘ringing the bell’ this year. The family was hoping to move forward from this harrowing time and watch Alex continue to grow and thrive with his brothers. Instead, they received the shocking news that his cancer was again growing and that he would be starting a whole new treatment plan.

With more years of treatment ahead Alex’s family made the decision to move to Tampa. They would be closer to the family for support, and closer to the hospital that Alex spends too much time in. They found a house and have moved in, but still have unpacking to do and all of the things that seem overwhelming when Alex has to spend so much time at All Children’s Hospital.

Alex has two older brothers, whom he adores. They love spending time together as a family when Alex is home from the hospital. They are all adjusting to a new home, new schools, and juggling weeks of missing Mom (and Dad) while one of them stays with Alex for extended periods in the hospital.

Alex is super social and makes friends instantly with the nurses and patients on his hospital stays. He loves FaceTime with his brothers to play Roblox. He loves dogs. His brothers Teddy (7) and Sam (9) are his best friends and champions.

We are honored to meet this beautiful family who bravely continues to fight and support Alex. We are excited to transform a space for them so that when Alex is home from hospital stays they can spend time together as a family, rest and heal, and make plans for a bright future." (Kylie Ponton, Chapter Leader SGBD Tampa, FL)

Alex, this year's POD x SGBD room transformation recipient!

To participate or sponsor POD's 4th Annual Golf Tournament benefiting SGBD, visit

If you can't make the event, and still would like to help contribute to Alex's room transformation, you can donate through Paypal or Venmo.

To learn more about SGBD, visit

Thank you to all our sponsors, participants, and donors!

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