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Pick the Best Color for the New Year!

Looking to repaint your walls in 2021? Pick the best color for the new year! Here are a few tips and ideas to keep in mind when choosing a color for your space:

Get Inspiration!

Color can have a huge deciding factor on the mood and energy your home will give off. Color inspiration can be found everywhere! This includes magazines, internet platforms such as pinterest, and can even be found through pieces you already have in your possession. Companies like Sherwin Williams and Home Depot often have features that show how a specific color will look in your home before you paint it.

Get inspiration from what you already own. Often times you can draw color inspiration from items in that room. For example a complimentary color from a piece of artwork would make a great accent wall!

Shades and Sheens

Paints come in many shades and sheens, and what you chose will have an impact on how your project will turn out. There are four main sheens that paint can come in, Flat, Satin, Semi-gloss, and Gloss. The sheen of your paint depends on the ratio of resin and binders to the pigment in the paint.

Sample Colors

Using sample colors is a great way to get an idea to how your final product will work! Sample colors are a budget friendly way to get multiple colors into your home! Try samples in multiple rooms with various lighting to get the best idea on how well you will like the final color.

Get a Color Consultation

Still having trouble? Hire a color consultant! Your consultant can help decide on shades, textures, and design of your project.

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