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Pick The Right Painting Company!

Are you ready to start a painting project, but are unsure of which company to pick? These tips can help lead you in the right direction!


First and foremost, have the specifications on the painting project decided. From there, find a company who can provide all the services that are needed and expected of them. Read reviews of each company in your area! Google reviews and yelp are a great place to start. Reviews can help give an idea of what working with the company will be like, as well as giving the resources to make a pros and cons list on the company's strengths and weaknesses. See an example of google reviews here.


Getting multiple quotes is always a good idea when looking to have a painting project done. Once the quotes have been received, review that each proposal has the same amount of preparation and scope of work. Pricing may differ on each quote, make sure there is a break down of what that quote entails: labor, time, materials, paint, and travel. Confirming that all specifications are correct is the most important step before moving forward. While quote pricing may vary between companies, take into consideration that pricing may reflect the quality of work.

Support Local Businesses

By supporting local businesses you are supporting the local economy. You are more likely to create a sense of community with businesses in your area, better experiences often result from shopping local too!

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