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The Psychology of Color - Pink

Did you know that different colors can affect your mood, feelings, and behaviors? This is called Color psychology. Color psychology is defined as, "the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior." Many big brands and companies specifically choose their colors based on how that color affects consumers. For example, Red can give off feelings of confidence and boldness while green can give off feelings of stability and growth.

With Valentines day coming up we will be starting this series with the color pink! Pink is associated with all things girly and romantic. Although the various shades of pink can have drastically different effects. While pale pink is a calming color, bright hot pink can be overwhelming or even irritating.

Did you know?

In the late 1960's Alexander Schauss observed a tone of pink commonly knowns as Drunk-Tank Pink or Baker-Miller Pink that has calming effects on violent and aggressive behavior. This shade is often used in jails where it has decreased prison incident rates! This color was also used in visitor locker rooms to increase winning rates amongst the home team.

Next time you're choosing your new color palette, consider using pink for a calming effect!

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